Scala Certified Technology Partner: Infinitus

Chris Sheldrake

Scala has named Infinitus d.o.o. a Scala Certified Technology Partner.

Infinitus makes large-sized LCD based outdoor digital signage display solutions and is the first provider to offer Scala-enabled, all-weather, outside Full HD LCD screens we believe.

These displays are sold under the brand name iMotion® and range from 46 to 65 inches.

The displays feature a secure, landscape and portrait-oriented enclosure that blocks outside air from entering the digital signage system, protecting the hardware from contaminants.

The air conditioned enclosure technology also allows iMotion to
operate in more extreme temperature ranges than many other outdoor products on the market.

4 Responses to “Scala Certified Technology Partner: Infinitus”

  1. Eero Rask Says:

    Symbicon’s IconOne units have been running Scala for years in indoor and outdoor enviroments.

    please visit

    Eero Rask
    Key Account Manager at Symbicon Ltd.

  2. Bweildered Says:

    Riveting News. If Scala fart’s and they issue a press release will you publish it?
    Why haven’t you written on the closure of their Chinese office?

  3. Wow Factor Says:

    I agree with Belwildered. I would rather be at home waxing my balls than reading about occasional 1 licence projects with Scala for LED’s. Hardly enterprise level digital signage?

  4. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    The press release actually came from Infinitus – nice guys who came especially to meet us at ISE2010 in Amsterdam and who then went out of their way to brief us on their products.

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