Catfood Purrs Onto a Screen, Whatever Next?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Hats off to the salesman who sold this – Nestlé PURINA are using ATM:ad’s cash machine network in the UK to advertise their range of cat food.

The dynamic advert for PURINA ONE Natural Balance cat food went live on Monday, July 14, 2008 and runs for two weeks.

Nestlé PURINA have a wide ranging, integrated outdoor advertising campaign for PURINA ONE Natural Balance cat food and the ATM advertising fits into this.

The campaign, which was bought by Source, Out of Home, will broadcast on cash machines located at Tesco stores across London, i.e. targeting consumers in close proximity to the point of purchase.

What’s very clever is that users of ATMs at the selected Tesco stores in which PURINA ONE Natural Balance is available will be encouraged to go in store to redeem a half price voucher, delivered on their ATM receipt!!

Those who request a receipt from an ATM at other Tesco stores, will be invited to send a text to receive a free sample of the product and the outcome of the most successful approach will determine the strategy for future activity.

We like, Miaoow!

About ATM:ad

ATM:ad is the market leading advertising solution, which enables ATM network owners, such as retail banks to run internal third party advertising campaigns across their ATM estates. ATM:ad’s creator, i-design group plc, listed on AIM in July 2007.

Banking Customers include: Nationwide Building Society, Alliance & Leicester plc and The Royal Bank of Scotland plc.

ATM:ad has run ATM advertising campaigns for a wide variety of advertisers including British Airways, Easyjet, Orange, NIVEA, New Look, Orion and the Central Office of Information.

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