Vertigo Selects Esprida To Connect Next Generation Digital Signage

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Vertigo Digital Displays Inc., Toronto, and Esprida Corporation, Weston, Florida-based pioneer in the field of remote device management, have announced a collaboration whereby, by embedding an Esprida Agent within the Vertigo Master Control Unit, network operators gain centralized access to functions relating to ambient light, temperature, power management, system performance, service issues and connected applications.

Vertigo designs, manufactures and delivers integrated media systems for ruggedized, digital signage solutions deployed in a variety of environmental conditions, including advanced display enclosures, as well as world-class street furniture, transit shelters and digital information kiosks. (See our Feb. 18, 2010 article, Ed.) With screens exposed to the effects of extreme cold and heat, direct sunlight, precipitation and vandalism, Vertigo’s remote management capabilities offer its customers a solution tailored to the unique requirements of out-of-home digital signage.

As an Esprida-powered platform, secure, role-based access can be granted to partners, clients, service companies and program management. The net result is a highly adaptive digital signage network that optimizes operational overhead and provides customers with a complete centralized view of its operations.

“With Esprida-integration, Vertigo will reduce maintenance costs and provide feedback to stakeholders about all aspects of the solution, further demonstrating Vertigo’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” says Anila Jobanputra, president and founder of Esprida Corporation. (Esprida software supports some of the largest self-service deployments in the world, including Kodak and Aisle7.)

Brad Gleeson, CEO of Vertigo Digital Displays, says that the Esprida Remote Management Business Solution extends Vertigo’s industry leading capabilities, allowing it to offer a more adaptable, scalable and comprehensive solution than ever before.

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