A Point of View in Cardiff

Alex Hughes

DYNAMAX Mall Cardiff

These screens have recently gone up in the Queens Arcade right in the centre of Queen Street in Cardiff – a prime shopping location – obviously powered by Dynamax Point-of-View NG.

Hanging screens from the ceiling in shopping malls is always difficult – location, access, visibility, glare etc.

Putting this in context, there is a shopper ‘run-up’ to this screen of about 10 or so metres, and yes it is a large screen, but from a content/branding/advertising perspective, the content will have to work harder to compensate for the other visual stimuli on our approach. Competing for eyeball time in a shopping mall as a result of inadequate screen possibilities, makes life harder for network owners, advertisers brands and most importantly consumers of that content.

As Bill Collins said in his excellent article here on Gen 2.0 of Wal-Mart TV…

  1. Bring screens down to eye level
  2. Build screens into endcaps, fixtures and shelving
  3. Abandon the 2001-2002 “hang and bang” model where flat screens are hung nilly-willy around the store, mostly in locations that are difficult for shoppers to see
  4. Control audio so that the soundtrack of these networks is welcomed by shoppers and store employees alike
  5. Pack merchandise around the screens and speakers, so that the sound-and-motion media serves a useful purpose for both marketing and merchandising just as conventional Point-of-Purchase displays do

So surely in these environments we need to innovate?

Points 1, 2 and maybe 3 seem to be very relevant in this instance. Albeit possibly the more expensive / complex option (but with greater screen glance / noticeability rewards) COULD a slightly larger vertical / portait screen not have been somehow integrated within the underside of the stairwell above the plants?

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    I\’m happy to learn that some other than myself (a consumer) is thinking about this.

  2. What To Do In Cardiff Says:

    That’s a great picture

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