IMAX To Open In Singapore

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

IMAX Corporationv, Toronto, has announced that Shaw Theatres Pte Ltd., a leading exhibitor in Singapore, has signed an agreement to install a digital IMAX theatre system at the exhibitor’s premier location in the heart of Singapore’s famous commercial retail and entertainment area, Orchard Road.

The IMAX installation, scheduled to be open in spring of 2011, is part of a major remodeling of the Lido Cineplex in Shaw House. Shaw House is a 22 storey retail and office building situated at the heart of Singapore’s iconic Orchard Road at the junction of Orchard and Scotts Road.

Shaw Theatres, part of the Shaw Organisation, was founded by the Shaw
Brothers and has been operating cinemas in Singapore since 1927. It owns and currently operates five Multiplexes across the island, with a new location opening in Nov., 2010.

The Lido Cineplex, located in Shaw House is Shaw Theatres’ flagship location. First opened in 1959, Lido was a single screen cinema on the current site and grew in 1993, to a new five-screen multiplex opened as part of the new 22 Storey Shaw House re-development. In 1997, it was upgraded to eight screens. Shaw Theatres isnow embarking on a major remodeling of the Cineplex creating a landmark 11 screen cineplex to include Singapore’s first digital IMAX theater.

It is slated to be ready in spring 2011.

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