#ScreenMediaExpo Where’s Your PC?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Continuing our series of presentations at #ScreenMediaExpo in May in London that we think you’d be well advised to attend, we look today at Bob Michaels, President, Magenta Research who will be asking Where’s your PC? on Day 1 Channel 3: Screen Feed between 15:00-15:30.

Ooh rah!

We all know (we think) that incorrect PC placement in Digital Signage networks can lead to higher costs, unavoidable business interruption, increased network bandwidth consumption and shorter life of hardware.

Bob’s presentation will focus on developing a strategy to mitigate Total Cost of Ownership problems that plague established networks.

Bob told us exclusively “I am looking forward to being center stage on Wednesday at 3 PM to tackle the question  ‘Where’s your PC?’ If you are reading this you are likely planning on attending the Screen Media Expo and that being the case, there are certainly questions you will want answered”

Bob continued “Are you getting buggered on your back end? Have you noticed that you didn’t need a media player strapped to the back of every screen?  Have you purchased too many software licenses?”

The session will also cover the strategic approach to determining the number of software licenses needed as well as the creative way at designing a network to ensure uptime and draw on a range of implementations from retail to airports and arena/stadia.

Bob also told us “There may be a lot of black magic in the ROI figure but TCO can be nailed down from the get go. The Devil is in the detail”

He says you should quite simply ask..

  1. Are the folks making the hardware decisions for your signage deployment qualified to do so?
  2. Are they looking for the low bid rather than a solution that will work for you?  
  3. Is your hardware future proofed or will you need to replace it in 2-3 years time?
  4. Will it even work in real time?

Bob added “A digital Signage Deployment should not be a leap of faith and there is no need to keep your fingers crossed until the picture comes on (at least once)”

Wow! Should be an exciting session!

About Bob Michaels

Bob has over 20 years of global experience with Industry leading, advanced technology companies involved in the design and deployment of industrial automation and solutions for high tech manufacturing and process control. Bob’s depth of product experience has been focused primarily in the electronics sectors and includes optical and laser based metrology instruments for the inspection of semiconductor wafers and components, process control for disk drive cleaning and design and installation of elevator displays.

Total cost of Owner ship (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) calculations have always played a pivitol role in decisions surrounding the purchase and installation of technology based products and certainly factor in the selection and deployment of signage networks.

Bob is a current Member of the Digital Signage Association and serves on the ROI Committee

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  1. Ronni Guggenheim Says:

    Excellent – we obviously love this message. PC placement is a key element related to TCO & OPEX of DS deployments and we have been preaching for years that the media player belongs to a room in a rack, and not onto the display, or beware into the display.
    A good source about this issue is the white paper “Cost Ramifications of Player Placement” – you may download from this location: http://www.minicomdigitalsignage.com/requestplace.cfm

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