Great Screens Great Britain

Chris Sheldrake

We’ve been chatting in the office (again) about the new giant Ocean Outdoor LED screens in Liverpool and discussing how lucky media planners and buyers are in the UK to have a good selection of massive digital screens.

UK Media planners can now buy the big 4 cities in non standard dimensions and with moving image capability as well. For example …

  • Glasgow: Ocean Outdoor’s screen George Square
    Forrest’s screen in Glasgow is, in our opinion, very poor in comparison
  • Manchester: City Gateway Media’s “Manchester Tower”
    Again, in our opinion, Forrest’s screen is poor, a postage stamp size in it’s environment, prone to breakdown and quite dull
  • Liverpool: Ocean Outdoor – ABSOLUTELY no large format digital competition!!
  • London: Clear Channels “Piccadilly Lite” – here there is no SHORT TERM buyiing competition and Clear Channel have done a good job with promoting and selling this screen

We think it would be good to see other city planners allowing one or two spectacular sites like the Liverpool one which would surely only help in quickly reducing the vast amount of paper and paste / vinyl held by the big 4 outdoor media folks.

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