Mermaid Starts Media Selling

Chris Sheldrake

News just in that Mermaid will operate and sell media time on the digital signage solution which Danish National Rail Company (DSB) S-train has ordered from Mermaid – this system will be rolled out to a series of well selected S-train stations and will be operational from June/July 2010.

Mermaid subsidiary Acrossmedia A/S will handle the actual media sales and we believe that they have already made an agreement with adServing International A/S about the delivery and usage of the advertising solution, Proadmin.

The potential earnings of the new activity are difficult to estimate, but
they are expected to be significant, based on the first agreement made
with DSB S-train. Each working day 420.000 travellers are using the
selected S-train stations. These commuters will in the future be targeted by advertisements that will be shown on the top half of 46” portrait screens.

The high exposure actually makes this digital out of home platform one
of the largest in Denmark.

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