Force Majeure

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

DailyDOOH has setup a temporary office in Las Vegas and if the Volcano issues last any longer we will be buying a Condo or an RV and staying here til’ InfoComm in June!

Thanks to all those who asked if we were all okay – it’s a pain in the arse but there are worse places in the world than Las Vegas to be stuck.

Hotel room rates are reasonable, we are all doubling up and the food if you know where to look can be reasonable too.

Did we mention the free drinks if you sit at the penny slot machines long enough as well?

2 Responses to “Force Majeure”

  1. brook Says:

    Not to forget the inexpensive but great buffets, or a visit to Hoover Dam or Lake Meade, or the great malls in town, while the pennies last that is..

  2. brook Says:

    I was going to compare the US casino fair to that in ole England, but then thought better of it… The caps are suffering as is, there in the Nevada sun.
    All the best to you and that you may you return to the white cliffs safely and soon..

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