YCD Multimedia’s Brand Refresh And New Web Site

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Today YCD Multimedia launched its new new brand look and feel and its new web site.

See www.ycdmultimedia.com

Carter Etherington, YCD Multimedia’s Chief Marketing Officer told us exclusively…

“The brand refresh is a strong tribute to our heritage without being literal about a music and ambiance offering. The refreshed logo and color palette reinforce the ‘media’ offering with a contemporary look and feel to the brand”

In an open email, Barry Salzman, Chief Executive Officer, YCD Multimedia makes mention of their “new suite of marketing and communications initiatives” – we like, well done all!

Greetings to All

All of us at YCD Multimedia have long been proud of our technology platform and our ongoing innovation, and we are excited about our potential to impact our clients’ businesses in substantial and measurable ways. The challenge for us, as with any innovative technology in a new and rapidly emerging market, has been how to articulate and communicate that value.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the culmination of many months of hard work translating that potential into a new suite of marketing and communications initiatives. First, and long awaited, is the launch of our new website. Less than 3 months ago, we announced the hiring of YCD’s first ever Chief Marketing Officer, Carter Etherington. Carter and his team have developed a dynamic new site to help our clients understand the full range of services we can bring to their business, and to help businesses around the world think through the advantages that onsite media can deliver. These are exciting times for digital media, for technology and for consumer-facing businesses. YCD Multimedia is at the nexus of all three.

We believe our primary mandate at YCD Multimedia is to help our clients realize rapid, measurable returns on their investments in onsite digital media. As clients use our media and technology solutions to grow revenue, reduce costs and increase profits, they also create brand-reinforcing customer experiences.

I invite you to explore, discover or rediscover YCD Multimedia at www.ycdmultimedia.com. And please let us hear from you. Your input and feedback is critical. A website is an organic tool that needs to be constantly updated, modified and refreshed, so we want to know what works for you and what could be more helpful.

You’ll notice too, our refreshed brand. It was designed to pay tribute to our beginnings in the digital music space and to give us a broader platform to continue to expand our offerings in digital ambiance, digital merchandising and corporate communications.

Over the next few months you can expect to see and hear more from us. Starting in September, we will be relaunching our newsletter to keep you fully up to date on new and exciting initiatives from YCD around the world.

From all of us at YCD Multimedia, a sincere thank you for your ongoing support.

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