Exclusive: CAN Media Buys Community Communication Network (CCN)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s likely that even those folks in the UK who have been working in the industry for some time may not know exactly who the Community Communication Network (CCN) are!

Ian Rose, Chairman
Enqii powered network
Relatively large with 600 – 800 screens
Mainly Government and Local Government installs, libraries, hospitals and the such like
Lots of involvement seemingly with Police, Fire and Rescue services
In some regions of the UK they have the odd restaurant, Tesco Coffe shop etc.

CAN Media, who are guilty of (a) making money (shock / horror) and (b) keeping their heads down far too much are best known of course for the very successful Life Channel as well as being involved wth many of the pioneering digital out of home networks in the UK during the last 6 years or so (interestingly, including BPTV).

Anyway, this is a significant announcement (well okay the announcement hasn’t been made yet but trust us it will next week) and gives CAN Media an even more significant sized network.

This is a good fit for CAN Media.

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