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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There’s always more to a press release than what is written in it and so we read with interest one of the latest to cross our path ‘AGENCY 225 SELECTS PARK MEDIA PLATFORM TO POWER MOTO TV NETWORK’

Man, everybody got chicken

Agency 225 is of course effectively Gary Halpin one of the original founders of RMS a long, long time ago. He subsequently founded Blockbuster’s internal digital signage (via DVD) network – the press release was keen on leveraging that of course, we quote “Digital Signage Pioneer Gary Halpin Leverages Blockbuster TV Success for New Motorcycle Industry In-Store Network”.

Everyone we spoke to, says that Gary is an okay guy “he reminds me of Pat Hellberg a bit – that kind of slightly-out-there content guy, you know?” said one industry source who did not want to be named.

We also never knew that Park Media, a so called “leading digital out-of-home enterprise software provider” provided any sort of software platform for digital signage so news to us when it was announced “that it (Park Media) was chosen by point-of-sale broadcast leader Agency 225 to provide the software platform for Moto TV”.

Anyway, Moto TV is described as a system of television networks delivering customized educational and entertainment content to motorcycle dealerships across the country.

Brad Trotter, CEO of Park Media was quoted in the press release “The fast pace of the motorcycle world demands equally exciting, timely and customized content to grab riders’ attention, and Park Media’s enterprise software platform is uniquely able to deliver those elements over the Moto TV in-store network,”

Well it’s not exactly unique of course but the interest to us is Gary and Moto Tv not Park Media so we will let that one run past us.

Gary Halpin is an Advisory Board member of the Digital Signage Association and describes Moto TV as “a completely customizable network for motorcycle dealers, with content that is produced to not only entertain, but also to educate and empower the customers in order to initiate a sale”.

So bottom line interesting that Park Media should be chosen by Gary to run the network. Mind you without wanting to get our knee caps blown off; we’d say that with Broadsign’s early funding heritage we think they might have been a better fit for a motorcycle network!

About Moto TV

Moto TV is an in-store network being rolled out to motorcycle dealers across the nation and internationally as well. The goal of Moto TV is to use the power of the televisions in the dealership to not only entertain customers, but educate and inform them of the latest promotions, industry news and anything and everything about the motorcycle world, empowering the customer in the dealership to initiate a sale.

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