Mike Fabian Leaves CRI Europe

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Did the Carpet and Rug Institute give up on Europe or did they simply give up on Mike Fabian?

The tittle tattle gossip at last week’s #ScreenMediaExpo was that Mike had already left CRI – as he joined July 1st 2009 he didn’t even make it 12 months in the job.

It’s likely that due to the ‘Big Changes At The Carpet And Rug Institute‘ (which we wrote about at the tail end of April) which seem to point to re-branding, re-positioning and maybe even some cost-cutting by the company, Europe was suddenly not that important to them.

Mike was previously of course at John Ryan, Scala, Carlipa Group and Sony.

If Mike hadn’t won any business then it’s an expensive proposition having someone like him heading up your overseas organisation.

3 Responses to “Mike Fabian Leaves CRI Europe”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sir, there seems to be an ongoing tirade of vitriol and innuendo against Mr. Fabian on your portal. May I enquire why? He is entitled to make his living in gainful employment and change job as frequently as either he or his employers see fit. Let us acknowledge that he was a pioneer in our industry in many guises. Some commentators unfairly disparage this man in an uncouth and louche way by personalising attacks on him. In all sincerity they should desist and leave Mr. Fabian alone.

    The fact remains that he caused a lot of misery and distress to many of those who both worked with him and for him. This was by character assasination and native guile And he speaks very well dressed. Are the crows coming home to roost? Perhaps he should retire to his country manor and concentrate on pocket billiards?

  2. Hubba Bubba Says:

    Ignore Mike, he thrives on self publicity and has done for years. A complete and utterly useless prick.

  3. Jolly Jim Says:

    I was reading the wrong article. Thought Mike had taken up a teaching role at Bristol zoo. Perfect match there!

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