Advantech + Signagelive

Giuseppe Andrianò

The official announcement talked about price and performance but we wanted to know more than that. The way I see it is more Italian fantasy meets concrete business vision…

Fabrizio Del Maffeo, Europe Business Development Manager for Advantech’s Digital Signage Division told me this week “signagelive is a user friendly, simple, complete and powerful software for Digital Signage that can fit almost all the requirement of Digital Signage customers; the platform is stable, scalable, easy to be configured and managed by end users, not just technical users”

He added “The price offering of signagelive is very attractive and enables end users to explore the real benefits of Digital Signage with a very small investment; I think signagelive is definitely a very good solution for Digital Signage Applications.“

Jason Cremins, CEO and Co-founder of signagelive continued “We have been working closely with Advantech over many months to create a range of optimised digital signage devices including both SMIL and PC based hardware. The results of this process have been excellent and through this partnership, we are delighted to be providing signagelive to Advantech’s distributors and resellers across Europe.”

2 Responses to “Advantech + Signagelive”

  1. Solomon Grundy Says:

    Nothing novel in this. Advantech are working with Scala for yonks. PR hype!

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    @Solomon Grundy

    I think you will find that the reason Advantech has selected signagelive over the many other DS software platforms they have tested (including Scala), is that we are the only company who has optimised our software to work with their hardware accelerated technology enabling us to run full 1080p mult-zone content on their ARK-DS303. Not to mention we offer the best price/performance, not my words Fabrizio’s.



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