Turk Telekom Kiosk Innova Scala

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Türk Telekom, Ankara, the leading telecom operator in Turkey, is driving sales across a new digital signage network in its 1,300 retail stress across 81 cities across the country.

The company, which has 17.3 million fixed-line customers, 6 million ADSL line customers and 12.6 million GSM subscribers. reaches new and current customers through a variety of marketing channels including the 1,300 retail stores.

The challenge for Türk Telekom was to create an enhanced retail environment where customers would be able to quickly find the products and services they were looking for and access the best deals available to them with, or without, one-to-one customer service support.

In order to meet this challenge, Türk Telekom turned to Kiosk Innova to develop a digital signage network capable of delivering high-quality product, price, service and brand messaging into stores to support the sales process and help educate customers on product features and benefits.

LCD screens were installed within a Türk Telekom branded bezel which sits behind the customer service counter of each store. This location provides customers the opportunity to view big, bold, branded messaging from across the store and while queuing.

This big and bold concept conveys key messages to customers quickly and with impact. The content includes way-finding guides, product information, latest handset, tariff and bundle details, and branded content from Türk Telekom.

“Türk Telekom has recognized that digital screen media provides the ideal platform for promoting its products and services,” says Sevim Kiziltan, digital signage project manager, Kiosk Innova. “Using digital media to showcase user benefits, as well as key price, tariff and special offer information, brings the proposition to life.“

The signage will be rolled out across all stores by year-end.

As the full-service provider, Kiosk Innova provides channel design and content management services, procurement, installation, integration, ongoing network support and staff training to Türk Telekom. All content is managed remotely by Türk Telekom with support from Kiosk Innova which uses Scala to power the content management system. This ‘remote control’ enables authorized users to control the broadcast, add content, and update pricing efficiently through a password-protected Web portal.

Scala has also enabled Kiosk Innova to provide remote control networking, leading to lower operational costs, and an efficient upgrade and update process. Scala is able to turn screens and audio output on and off according to store opening times, reducing power consumption and extending screen life. Other systems including network health monitoring are used, which saves costs by eliminating unnecessary, costly maintenance visits.

“Türk Telekom and Kiosk Innova have a clear vision for how they believe digital media will benefit their retail business of over a thousand sites with a wide mix of customer types across the region,” says Oscar Elizaga, vice-president, EMEA, Scala. ‘Their need to target customers effectively makes digital signage a highly complementary addition to their marketing effort.”

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