Pharmacy Health Network Gains Momentum

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Cardinal Health’s Pharmacy Heath Network continues to gain momentum since we broke the news back in August 2009 that a new (big) network powered by Real Digital Media’s NEOCAST was on the cards.

The network is already installed in 500 Locations and advertisers to date include Bayer HealthCare Diabetes Care, Upsher-Smith, Novartis Consumer Health and Salix Pharmaceuticals.

Jeff Foreman, vice president of strategic purchasing for Cardinal Health told us “We’re thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response the Pharmacy Health Network has received from both advertisers and retail pharmacy customers, and we look forward to continuing to rapidly expand the number of stores and advertisers that participate in the program,”

Foreman said that some products have already experienced 15-37 percent sales increases in the retail pharmacy locations where they were promoted via the Pharmacy Health Network.

The network we are told also features professionally produced health and wellness segments from the NBC Digital Health Network; local and national weather modules provided by educational content from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government health agencies.

Participating pharmacies can also promote in-store specials, health screenings and other local information including local weather, community events and more.

Cardinal Health has been actively marketing the Pharmacy Health Network to the more than 5,000 independent retail and franchised pharmacies it serves throughout the United States, and to its retail pharmacy chain customers, too.

Tom Nameth, director of pharmacy operations for Discount Drug Mart, a retail pharmacy chain told us “Discount Drug Mart has been extremely pleased with the Pharmacy Health Network. It enables us to share timely, health-related information with customers in our pharmacy waiting areas, and it’s also very user-friendly, allowing us to customize content to promote store-specific programs, specials and promotions in a timely fashion.”

Nameth also said that the Pharmacy Health Network’s directional speakers are another strong feature of the program, because they ensure that customers can clearly hear the information presented on the LCD screens without interfering with the pharmacy’s functionality.

He also added that by promoting over-the-counter and other health-related products, the Pharmacy Health Network has proven helpful in driving sales and “increasing Discount Drug Mart’s bottom line.”

Retail pharmacies wanting to participate in Cardinal Health’s Pharmacy Health Network and companies interested in advertising on the Pharmacy Health Network can visit

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