Digital Signage Meets Caravaggio

Giuseppe Andrianò

‘The Night of Museums’ returns this year to Cremona – it’s a cultural event organized by Italian museums and cultural institutions to celebrate art and tradition.

The common thread this year is the work of Italian artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (29 September 1571 – 18 July 1610)– on the fourth centenary of his death. The Civic Museum of Cremona holds his painting ‘Saint Francis in Meditation’.

The 15th of May will be the main moment when museums will be opened during all night. In order to combine art and multimedia sign together, two Touch Screen Totems will display information about events and concerts.

People can also make a virtual tour of the city thanks to a demo application, finding out the main information and the right location of restaurants, parks, cinema, and other public services.

All the information can also be received by bluetooth on for example, a tourist’s mobile phone.

Digital Signage is powered by Enter Srl, together with AEMcom.

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