Full Cycle Leverages Mocapay Platform

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Mocapay, Denver-based mobile experience platform, has made a strategic partnership with Full Cycle, a Boulder, Colorado-based retailer specializing in high-end bicycles.

Under the agreement, Full Cycle will leverage the Mocapay platform to tap into the growing mobile channel to enhance Full Cycle’s marketing and sales efforts and deliver a complete mobile experience to its customers.

Full Cycle will work with Mocapay to complement its marketing program by mobile-enabling its existing gift card program. Mocapay’s embedded marketing engine will be used to deliver targeted mobile offers to customers, with campaigns directed either to all customers throughout Colorado or targeted to specific store locations. Using the customized Mocapay Dashboard, Full Cycle can monitor the effectiveness of individual campaigns in real time.

Mocapay’s Software-as-a-Service technology will also enable Full Cycle to integrate secure mobile payments into its point-of-sale, enabling its customers to conduct mobile transactions.

Mocapay’s mobile payment solution secures mobile transactions through multifactor authentication to ensure security measures implemented in plastic gift card and loyalty programs are not degraded. The platform’s architecture provides dynamic one-time use perishable codes at the transaction-level, increasing the level of security.

“Our customers are on the go and rely on their mobile devices for several things,” says Kaj Gronholm, co-owner of Full Cycle. “We want to make it easy for them to connect with us and make our services readily available. Working with Mocapay not only enables Full Cycle to enhance our customers experience but we will be able to personalize our marketing efforts in a more targeted manner, ultimately to increase sales.”

Full Cycle mobile account holders will be able to conduct mobile transactions at the point-of-sale, access their account balance and transaction history, and reload their Full Cycle account, all from their mobile phone.


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