#InfoComm2010 – CyberResearch Booth N2876

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

CyberResearch Inc. is launching its CyRAQ 1000 sunlight-readable outdoor digital display at InfoComm this week.

Usable as outdoor digital signage in any weather and with portrait, landscape, and wall-mount options, these 1080p high-definition signs can be used nearly everywhere, in doors and out.

The new CyRAQ 1000 series of 23″, 32″, and 40″ pylon-mounted digital signage displays are built with vandal-resistant stainless-steel enclosures. They meet the need for a reliable cost-effective LCD display for use in all-weather outdoor video, as drive-thru menu boards, for wayfinding, and other signage applications.

For more than 25 years, CyberResearch, Inc. has built rugged industrial computers and LCD displays. Its products are used by most Fortune 500 companies as well as universities, governments, and military organizations.

“We are now using our experience and knowledge to move into the DOOH sector,” says Joseph Tetreault, customer relations manager, CyberResearch. “Out target is the quick service restaurant sector where we see the CyRAQ1000 replacing current drive-through menu boards. The CyRAQ1000 can be touchscreen enabled, so customers can just touch the screen to place their drive-through orders.

“In addition to be usable in all kinds of weather, the screens remain bright and don’t ‘washout’ as many LCD screens do in bright sunlight.”

CyRAQ 1000 LCDs use AR-Bonding to enhance their clear, sharp high-contrast images. CyberResearch pioneered this technology in the industrial field to reduce excessive light reflections. AR-Bonding also provides extra mechanical support to the LCD and eliminates the problem of air-gap glass fogging from condensation.

In addition to CyRAQ 1000 digital signs – shipping from stock from $3,000 – CyberResearch, Inc., also offers a complete range of industrial PCs, monitors, and accessories.

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