Are Projectors Dying A Rapid Death?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s Day 2 of the Projection Summit in a few hours time and there are a couple of speeches we are really looking forward to. One of those has to be Gary Kayye who is being a bit of a tease, we quote directly from the presentation summary…

Projector manufacturers seem to have blinders on when speaking about the future of projection. Is there really a future? The giant cone of unusable space that a projector’s light path creates, the pathetically loud fans and the energy-sucking lamps are all reasons that consumers will use to pick flat-screens over projectors any day. But, right now, the projector lives on – awaiting an impending death. Why? Well, eventually flat-screen technologies will steal away their market, right? Actually, no. They’re not big enough, they’re heavy and they are also energy-sucking beasts. So, who make this claim? Well, you just wait as there’s something else out there that’s right around the corner that they (the projector manufacturers) haven’t even noticed. And, it’s way, way better than all the stuff we’re selling now in the ProAV market. Want to hear what Gary thinks is the impending projector killer? Then attend his session at Projection Summit 2010!

Gary is on straight after Bob Rushby from Christie Digital around about 14:00 in Session 8: Business & Market Trends.

We have to say also how impressed we have been with the whole Projection Summit organisation. All attendees got a print out of all the speakers; topic by topic (useful of course for writing notes) and even got the majority of the presentations in one big electronic document BEFORE the event also.

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