Save the Blue Fin Tuna

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Palma Aquarium located in Mallorca, Spain is spearheading a campaign to ‘Save the Blue Fin Tuna’ – the aquarium features sharks, a tropical aquatic tank, and even a jungle environment, but they place a particular emphasis on the Mediterranean aquatic system and conservation.

The Blue Fin Tuna became a special project for the aquarium as overfishing, illegal fishing and bad management led to alarming drops in fish stocks in the Mediterranean.

It is extremely difficult to raise Blue Fin Tuna in an aquarium so EyeClick was brought on board to help build, together with the Palma aquarium designer, a virtual interactive experience with the fish.

Palma visitors are engulfed in a one-of-a-kind deep water atmosphere amid schools of Blue Fin Tuna. The exhibit includes 5 wall projections. The large interactive floor features dozens of fish swimming below your feet, while the fish on the interactive wall spook if you get too close! EyeClick CEO Ariel Almos told us “EyeClick was very proud to work on such an important project with the Palma Aquarium. This was a fantastic solution to the delicate nature of the Blue Fin Tuna plus it is a unique way to engage visitors.”

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