Sight Systems No Longer Trading

Chris Sheldrake

Looks like Sight Systems are no longer trading. Sight Systems described themselves as “an industrial computer company with a difference” and if they didn’t have what you were looking for could probably make it for you.

We understand that all enquiries with regard the company should be made to Nathan George at:

FRP Advisory
4th Floor, Southfield House
11 Liverpool Gardens
West Sussex
BN11 1RY
Tel: 01903 222500

They were good guys and this is a real shame.

3 Responses to “Sight Systems No Longer Trading”

  1. Chris Heap Says:

    Would dearly like to know what happened as they seemed OK a month ago. We were talking about various go to market strategies for new products, services etc. If anyone could shed light on Sight System’s demise I’d apppreciate it.

  2. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    I’ve been a Sight Systems customer since 1997 and have found them to be fantastically responsive with high quality standards. This is a terrible shame – I was looking forward to working with them at Silver Curve.

  3. Steve King Says:

    So what happened? Just tried to contact them and found them not there!

    Can anyone recommend anyone else that can help with a new project in a sight systems sort of way?

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