Co-operative Till Screen Grauniad Ads

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This digital screen campaign put together by Retail Marketing International Limited (nee abc media) certainly outperformed the England team, with Grauniad UK newspaper sales at the Co-operative outperforming non-promoted stores by 2.7%. The Gruaniad wanted to support sales by promoting the quality of their editorial coverage during the World Cup and the level of sales generated we are told, delivered a pleasing cost per acquisition cost and was seen as a successful ROI.

New readers are best recruited at the weekends and The Co-operative spores represented a sizeable market share and opportunity for The Grauniad to invest in retail media. Key target audiences were young effluent urbanites and core Grauniad mid-week roaders.

Over 7,000 x Digital screens were planned to cover the 3 x weekends (Friday-Sunday) from the 11th June 2010.

A 10 second advert ran every two minutes with striking colours and reference to the now infamous vuvuzelas.

Kai Muxlow- Head of Newspaper Sales told us “The Co-operative digital screens enabled us to leverage our message at the right time and right place. The integration of the creative is key to our investment in retail media. We are pleased with the results of the campaign will be looking at how we can work with digital media again in the near future”.

The campaign ran; 4th-6th June, 10th-12th June and 16th-18th June on 7,342 screens and delivered 11,089,285 impacts.

3 Responses to “Co-operative Till Screen Grauniad Ads”

  1. Stuart Tiedeman Says:

    For anyone curious about who Grauniad Newspapers are, this is in fact Guardian Newspapers – sorry about the typo…

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    The nickname The Grauniad for the paper originated with the satirical magazine Private Eye.

    This played on The Guardian’s reputation for frequent typographical errors, such as misspelling its own name as The Gaurdian.

    The domain is registered to the paper, and redirects to its website at

  3. Stuart Tiedeman Says:

    Well, I guess you laern somethign new evrydae!

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