BroadSign Update From Brian Dusho

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Brian Dusho, president of BroadSign, won’t deny nor confirm that the company has, as rumoured, won the JC Decaux business, absolutely refusing to discuss the topic.

However, BroadSign is doing just fine these days, says Dusho, who says that Montreal-based provider of Software as a Service solutions for managing digital out-of-home networks has been gaining new contracts and is now serving 390 networks of various sizes from smaller ones with 200 screens up to a number of the big boys.

“And people are spending money again,” he says. “We admittedly did go through a rough patch a couple of years ago before restructuring, but now things are on the right track. We’re continuing our strategy with the automating process. More of our partners are joining and using our Open API that allows agencies and aggregators automated activities with open inventory, proof of performance and other advantages.”

In discussing the Canadian market, where technology is strong but DOOH isn’t yet flourishing as it could (and where the Outdoor Broadcast Network has ceased operating its national network) Dusho would like to see companies like Astral and Pattison step up to drive the DOOH sector more strongly.

“DOOH should be considered a category in its own right, like TV and radio,” he says. “To grow, it shouldn’t be looked at as a part of the out-of-home category, but as its own business sector.”

One Response to “BroadSign Update From Brian Dusho”

  1. J Woolsey Says:

    Some guy’s are again spending money, and admittedly he has been through a rough patch with the restructuring of the company.

    When out at sea and you have lost wind and the day is calm and hot, to make statements about big wind only make you look like a ne’er-do-well.

    Obtuse statements like category splitting to acquire segmented advertising revenues lock you into an industry without CHANGE.

    Our industry is moving so fast I wonder how many actually have the ability to think bigger and broader then just your company.



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