BlueFox Born Down In A Dead Man Town

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

BlueFox, content provider for almost 37,000 digital screens in Europe and the Middle East, is entering the U.S. market, setting up offices in Los Angeles and Miami under the guidance of Adam Urban as managing director.

Based in Rennes France, BlueFox is well known for its development of quality content geared specifically to various target markets. It is also a well regarded member of OVAB Europe.

“We consider ourselves the supermarket of content,” says Guillaume de La Tour, CEO. “We’ve made numerous studies for different markets, so we know what is right for each.”

The company is arriving in the U.S. with a soft launch. The initial job for Urban, who has worked in the U.S., Russia, Germany and Amsterdam, will be to build awareness of the company and show that BlueFox is good at what it does.

Urban is new to DOOH per se but has been working in digital media and content for the past 8 years.

“After speaking with Guillaume and doing my research about BlueFox, I found that it is a perfect fit with my background,” says Urban. “I plan to bring my past experience in interactive TV and combine it with the new possibilities in DOOH to provide engaging content, with viewers in mind, to our new U.S. operations”.

“In my opinion, this area is quite an untapped market and has huge growth potential. Blue Fox is a pioneer in this field and the ‘best of the bunch’. It has it all. The quality at Blue Fox is unsurpassed; the technology is innovative; and the team involved is excellent.”

de La Tour says that expansion to the U.S. was due in part because current and potential clients were asking when BlueFox was coming to the Americas – Expect another big announcement from BlueFox in early Fall / Autumn, Ed

The grandson of the famed vaudevillian Jack Ulmer (an early partner of Bob Hope), Urban got into ‘showbiz’ early and has spent the last 15 years in the entertainment business, Internet and related industries.

He got his start as the co-owner, promoter and DJ in the nightclub business in Cleveland, Ohio, He then was the founder of a multitude of local businesses that reflected his university studies in entrepreneurship, including inventing new technology in the tanning industry, working in the field of internet gaming, entertainment transportation, and early website development.

Moving to Russia for three years, he worked for Taleon Artists in St. Petersburg, in association with the Presidents Affairs Agency as head of the Anglo-American Music Department. There he handled all forms of negotiations, represented and worked in cooperation with talent buyers, record labels, and talent agencies from the United States, U.K. and Russia to secure acts for concerts and events. During this time he also founded The Agency and created associated musical groups including Optical Matrix, taking them from concept to stadium concert for 20,000 fans, including major music television circulation and Internet presence.

Moving to Germany, his enterprises in music began to take a more online role, and he began developing websites and related web applications through outsourcing in India. He eventually founded his own development company in India, with over 40 employees.

For the past three years, Urban has worked in Amsterdam to bring Uploaded.TV, its patents, technology, and TV formats to the world.

Now back in the U.S., Urban will apply his talents in content and media to the smaller screen with the launch of BlueFox USA.

“We expect to move slowly, because we want to test and be sure that everything we do continues to reflect the quality for which BlueFox is known,” says Urban

Negotiations for BlueFox’s office space on the east and west coasts are being finalized. In the meantime, Urban can currently be reached at

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