JCDecaux Dicon Digital Corridor, Dubai

Chris Sheldrake

Back in 2008 when JCDecaux Dicon won the exclusive ten-year advertising contract at Dubai International Airport, Chairman and co-chief executive Jean-Charles Decaux was quoted as saying “We will install innovative products with a strong digital and interactive component that will make Dubai International a benchmark for the industry.”

Well here’s their highly visible Welcome Digital Corridor comprising twelve x 57-inch HD LCD screens suspended along the main passage to passport control at the Arrivals in Terminal 1.

Passengers will spend 2 to 3 minutes along the ‘corridor’ and of course see the brand messages repeatedly.

The airport saw 40m passengers pass through it back in 2008 though that figure is still expected to rise to 60m by 2012 and eventually to 75m annually as expansion continues.

JCDecaux Dicon is 75 percent owned by the French-headquartered firm, with a 25 stake held by local company Dicon.

6 Responses to “JCDecaux Dicon Digital Corridor, Dubai”

  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    Looks like a Photoshop install to me, at least what’s on the screen

  2. Claude HAGEGE Says:

    where the photo is coming from? I was at Dubai airport terminal 3 and there wasn’t any digital signage screen.
    Also, if you look at the picture, it seems the screens are an add-on the picture itself.

  3. Claude HAGEGE Says:

    Terminal 3 Dubai airport is 95% static signage from Dicon.
    The screens are all used for passenger’s flights info and they are Conrad units.

  4. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Terminal 1 arrivals. The photograph is a still from a Decaux newsletter which had an animation in the screen of various advertisers

  5. Bob Says:

    The digital corridor is in T1 arrivals, it has just become operational this week. JCD installed it 6 months ago but got many problems with the system.

  6. JCDecauxMEA Says:

    Hi everyone,

    This Welcome Digital Corridor is now up and running at T1 Arrivals in Dubai International Airport.

    As Adrian said, this picture was captured from our e-newsletter story, which is illustrated by an animated video with images that are acutally playing on those screens right now.

    Apology for the not-perfect visual. It’s meant for illustration purpose.

    Next time if you happen to arrive through T1 in Dubai, do check it out!

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