JiWire Partners With Borders

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

San Francisco-based JiWire, location-based mobile media company reaching on-the-go audience, and Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Borders, a leading specialty retailer of books and other educational and entertainment items, recently announced an exclusive partnership to enable advertising across Borders’ Wi-Fi network.

Every time a user connects to Wi-Fi in any one of over 500 Borders, they will see location-targeted messages and offers from leading national brands leveraging JiWire’s highly contextual location-based advertising platform.

The partnership gives premium brands the opportunity to reach and engage the millions of customers who visit Borders stores across the U.S. each year. With the rapid increase of Wi-Fi enabled devices and growing consumer demand for the speed and convenience of public Wi-Fi, premium café venues like Borders are becoming the go-to place for local consumers to get connected for both personal and business use. In fact, the use of Wi-Fi in cafés increased over 50% in Q1, 2010, from Q4, 2009, based on JiWire’s recent Mobile Audience Insights report.

The fact that 83% of mobile users connect in their own neighborhoods for both business and pleasure (JiWire Report, June /09) gives advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with local, tech savvy, affluent consumers and small business owners. Additionally, nearly 70% of café users connect for over one hour on all mobile devices including laptops, Smartphones, and iPads, with 85% connecting at least once a week, creating a highly captive and consistent audience.

Partnering with orders “has created an incredibly welcome, comfortable place for Wi-Fi users to work and browse the Internet away from the home and office,” says David Courtney, CEO, JiWire. “As we see a notable shift in more café locations offering free Wi-Fi, café owners are looking to find new ways to monetize their networks. These premium café locations have developed a unique audience that is incredibly valuable, and we are making it possible for advertisers to have location-specific engagement with this hard to reach on-the-go audience.”

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