Where’s Koodo?

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Waiting for the subway in Montreal is a lot more fun these days: a new campaign for Koodo Mobile uses state-of-the-art technology from iGotcha Media that allows commuters to interact with out-of-home advertising displays.

Where’s Koodo? is an interactive game that can be accessed by touching the backlit display screens in any of twelve kiosks located in six of Montreal’s subway stations. The game encourages users to search for one of the iconic Koodo characters among a cluttered, illustrated, urban landscape and communicates the benefits of Koodo’s new Nationwide Talk & Text rate plan.

Thanks to new, proprietary interactive digital signage software developed specifically by iGotcha Media for MetroMedia Plus, which sells media in the Montreal subway, commuters are able to play ‘Where’s Koodo?’ as well as navigate through Koodo Mobile’s phone and additional rate plan information. Each kiosk’s interactive display uses 42” LCD screens and an innovative through-glass touch technology that allows users to control the screen’s content.

“We were excited to lend an element of interactivity and engagement to what can otherwise be a fairly sleepy part of one’s daily routine,” says Lance Martin, creative director, TAXI 2, the Toronto-based agency that handles the Kodoo account.

This is the North American first that Greg Adlstein, partner at iGotcha Media, told us abut last spring but couldn’t reveal the first advertiser at the time. iGotcha is planning to install the screens in subway stations, airports and retail outlets across Canada and the U.S.. (iGotcha is the firm that showed off its interactive windows for JC Penney at the Avenue A Razorfish’s Rock The Digital World event in New York City last May.)

“Learning from the great success we’ve seen with the interactive touchscreens at our Koodo shops, we jumped at the opportunity to bring elements of this experience and more to consumers through a mass advertising channel,” says Jennifer Robertson, director of marketing communications for Koodo Mobile in Quebec. “We feel we’re giving consumers the chance to find out more about Koodo and have a little fun at the same time.”

The Koodo Mobile campaign runs through September 30/08.

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