Hello Again Prysm, Hello LPD

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ever since their official launch at #InfoComm2010, Prysm have been awfully quiet but word reaches us via a rather convoluted route of some live demonstrations of their new LPD display solution courtesy of (Prysm and) Sapphire Marketing.

Their email missive states “Every once in a while, the world undergoes a sea change-a shift that permanently alters the landscape. It has happened again and this time it is in large format displays” and continues “Prysm’s truly disruptive LPD platform is that change. With its incredibly low power usage, freeform design, long lasting components and brilliant pictures, it is safe to say that large format has changed forever”.

Demos can be scheduled between now and September 8th and those interested should RSVP to Marcia at marcia@sapphiremarketing.com.

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