Outdoor’s digital awakening

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The UK’s Marketing Week 27.09.07 has a special report this week on Ambient Marketing – pages 45 through to 50 – entitled “Outdoor’s digital awakening”.

If I told you that the best bits about the report are the adverts on page 44 for StreetBroadcast and page 49 for Eye Corp what would you think?

I am afraid it is poorly researched, with stories about the same old, same old – JC Decaux and airports, CBS Outdoor and London Underground and ScreenFX talking about kiosks and touch screens.

It makes no mention of the exciting new businesses that are cropping up in the Digital Out of Home space nor of the impact that digital is having on the traditional market sector.

We are not doing ourselves any favours in the industry if we allow the mainstream press to report like this.

Pop over to http://www.aka.tv to see the great things that the UK industry can do when it really works together.

It’s time to write a (yet, another) letter to Marketing Week I think.

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