Signs of the times

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The October issue of AV Magazine, pages 23 – 26, has an article of mine entitled “Signs of the times”.

It’s obviously much longer than one can get away with on a blog and in it I have tried (again) to summarise the state of the industry as I see it at this moment in time.

“Everyone is keen to promote the fact that digital signage is a boom sector. But despite the fact that every analyst is rushing to sell reports into the market, hard numbers are tough to come by. So we asked Adrian Cotterill, editor of The Screen Forum’s network directory, to summarise the market”

It’s available for download as a PDF over at AV Magazine’s web site and I think it is well worth a read, but hey, don’t take my word for it. I have already received a couple of nice emails about it, similar in tone to the one below…

“Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for your special report in AV. What a comprehensive piece, very informative – I enjoyed it very much. Thanks”

Rafal Kwiatkowski

By the way, I have already had a couple of complaints from software vendors for not being included in the DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOFTWARE breakout which lists software solutions (known to AV Magazine, not me) on page 24. I did not put that list together, so apologies if you were not listed in it.

Dynamax, Scala and Digital View (Media) – now EnQii of course all got mention in the DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOFTWARE sidebar as the league tables in DOOHAN were taken (correctly) and literally by AV Magazine.

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