Live Creative Competition Winner

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The creative for British Airways was the worthy winner of Friday’s inaugural Ocean Outdoor Live Creative Competition.

Here we see Tim Bleakley (Ocean Outdoor’s CEO far right) present the winning creative agency with a cheque for GBP 250,000 worth of media for their client. They were also presented with tickets for free flights to San Francisco.

GOLD therefore went to this BA creative, SILVER to the creative for Warner Bros. new film Legend of the Guardians and BRONZE to the creative for Superdrug.

Craig Morgan, MD Elvis summed up the feeling of the judges when he said that “the best execution was probably ‘Legend of the Guardians’ but overall the best campaign and creative idea was for British Airways”.

The judges particularly liked the live element of the animated poster (webcam footage of the bikini clad lady on her laptop) and the interactive nature of the campaign (bikini lady responds to twitter) – via this interaction, the public are invited to guess where she is located helped by the answers she gives to questions coming in on twitter.

Have you lost weight?

Personally I liked all of that and the fact that there was subtle movement of said bikini lady in the webcam usage – pretty much a ‘true’ animated poster in my eyes, see ‘Kinetic Proves The Value Of Digital Posters‘.

This is a great piece of research from Kinetic which should be required reading before anyone is let loose designing content for a digital screen!!

However, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that I did not like the ticker on the screen which I made mention of to the other judges (and to the assembled crowd when I did my little spiel during the awards ceremony you will be pleased to know). The designers had a word with me after the event and said that they had suggested to the client that twitter “should roll in from the waves” which would have been great but the client evidently insisted on ‘scrolling text’ saying that’s what people were used to.

It seems that we as an industry have some way to go to demonstrate better ways of presenting live data on screen – flippers and such like (especially flipper demos) need to be in the content / creative agencies toolbox ready to show to their clients!

This was a great initiative by Ocean Outdoor who should be thoroughly commended on kicking this competition off. We look forward to the same competition this time next year.

3 Responses to “Live Creative Competition Winner”

  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    I like the concept, but not the execution. There is waaaaay too much text happening on the right, and I am thinking I know where most people – particularly men – are looking on this spot.

    The last bit of the Legends ad is clever, but on balance it’s just a hyperfast edit of a film trailer.

    Not a particularly inspiring bunch of spots.

  2. Content fan Says:

    Based on visual impact, which is the base of our industry,
    Glaceau made the most of their branding and should’ve won.

    That said, the jury celebrated an interesting concept and is sending a good message to content creatives; though I agree with Mr. Haynes that BA/Topher Jones added too many
    layers to their concept. Also, naming a repackaged trailer in second spot should help convince studios to advertise on DOOH networks… and help people understand repurposing
    is an art in itself…

    Excellent initiative by Ocean Outdoor.

  3. Raji Kalra Says:

    Dave I completely agree. I cannot believe the British Airways spot won for best creative….its only a template with some RSS’d Twitter feeds.

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