#DSinvestor √ #DOOHBizKonf Up Next

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

#DSinvestor is over for another year, the venue could have been better (wasn’t as nice a venue as last year by a long way) but everything else about it was pretty much great. Whilst Gail has covered some of the key topics in detail, I will attempt to write up something as well and as usual I won’t be shy of making suggestions on improvement (one of which is going to be move the event to San Francisco).

Whilst the office is excited that half a dozen of us are heading to the AV Interactive Awards Friday evening (thanks to Amscreen, Christie Digital and Scala for their invites), it’s actually #DOOHBizKonf in Munich next up on our agenda on Oct 19th and 20th which we need to concentrate on. As we have said before, with the combined efforts of both OVAB Europe and Invidis, this event is shaping up nicely to be a particularly good Digital Signage Conference and one not to be missed.

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  1. Christie Liu Says:

    On behalf of Strategy Institute, a BIG thank you to Adrian/Gail/DailyDOOH for your support, participation and coverage of the 5th Annual Digital Signage Investors Conference.

    The event was a great success and we owe this to not only our speakers, but also Adrian as our co-chair (thank you to Stu Armstrong as day one co-chair).

    We look forward to everyone’s feedback and will look to incorporate all of your input to make next year’s event even better. We believe strongly in the value and purpose of this annual forum – hopefully all those in attendance agree!

    Thanks again Adrian & co. and all those who made it a productive and fun two days. See you next year!


    Christie Liu
    Head of Production & Research | Conference Producer

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