I Don’t Care What Anybody Thinks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“I don’t care what anybody thinks” – no, not said by yours truly but by Chris Riegel, CEO STRATACACHE who spoke up again recently in a local Dayton, Ohio newspaper interview claiming that he was well on his way to USD 250 Million revenue by 2012.

Chris told the newspaper “When building a business, sometimes you have to be able to take a stand and say ‘This is right, and I don’t care what anybody thinks‘ as a private company we have the ability to do that when many of our VC or Public company competitors are controlled by what the market thinks.

However, the quote in the interview even taken in context doesn’t do much to shake off the likeness, that some in the industry tag him with of being a P. T. Barnum type figure.

Chris and his Mini-Me

  • The interview made mention that STRATACACHE had landed a deal with a fast-food chain – “the largest deal in this industry ever.” said Chris – referring we believe to the QSR industry in particular
  • A deal, so the article says, that will put STRATACACHE technology in 13,600 restaurants in the United States (an announcement, which he expects in a few weeks).
  • ‘his company has rejected acquisition offers’ it also says (we can confirm that cos’ we know some of the people who have come calling BUT perhaps the ‘mighty’ valuation was a factor – it does take two to make a deal as we all know)
  • Chris says “He likes being private and independent and he plans to keep his company that way”

Umm, shall we pass the snake oil or shall we wait and see?

5 Responses to “I Don’t Care What Anybody Thinks”

  1. Harry van der Veen Says:

    I’d say a deal is when the money is in the bank.

  2. Big Mac Says:

    The deal in question is at McDonald’s…. McCafe menu boards, a single large (NEC) screen separate and distinct from the main menu boards, which are not digital. Apparently still in pilot or they would have announced/rolled out.

  3. DoohDude Says:

    McDonald’s has so many pilots going one has to wonder if any of them will take off, some day. Harris has had one going for almost two years now with little to show for it.

    If the company was on it’s way to $250mm, you’d think they’d have something more than a small pipe and drape setup at some of the trade shows.

  4. electronicsignguy Says:

    The first point is – What ever happened to the Stratacache Blue Max award? What that another PT ploy to get at all those little cool secrets for a shiny airplance toy? Who won?

    McD has so many pilots some of us are going to retire while waiting. The plasmas in those pilot stores from last century have long died and been replaced with static backlit duratrans. A lesson learned from last century – Franchisees will never pay for anything (cool technology) that does not directly generate revenue or have a federal mandate.

  5. Information on Internet Kiosks, Self-service kiosks & Kiosk Software | McCafe Digital Menu Boards | Slabb's Kiosk Blog Says:

    […] at long last there will be some public declaration of the STRATACACHE / NEC QSR deal with McDonalds (menu boards in the McCafes only) which is almost definitely the largest digital […]

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