Will Work For Love: Peter Hudson, SeeSaw Networks, San Francisco

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Peter Hudson is traffic coordinator at SeeSaw Networks in San Francisco, California, with responsibility for managing advertising campaigns for multiple digital signage networks.

  1. Describe your personal work space.

    My personal work space is a bit messy but workable! Our office has that old San Francisco ‘start up’ vibe to it with everyone basically in open rooms and no cubicles or anything.

  2. How do you get to work?

    I typically walk to work. I live in downtown San Francisco and the office is less than a mile from work. If I’m running late, which seems to happen more often than not, I’ll grab a bus.

  3. What is an average day like?

    I have pretty busy days at work. I handle traffic for advertising campaigns, so my days are usually tracking creative and making sure everything is running as scheduled for multiple campaigns at the same time. After work, and in my spare time, I play guitar and sing in alternative music projects, and I play with my fabulous and beautiful dog Zero.

  4. What is essential to you being able to work happily?

    When I was first interviewing at SeeSaw, every person I spoke with asked me, “Are you comfortable with voicing your opinions and ideas, and suggesting improvements if you think something could be done better?” THAT is essential for me being happy at work. Everyone here has one goal, and that is to make the company a success. So using your brain and coming up with new ideas is highly encouraged here. I love that the most about my job.

  5. How flexible are your working conditions?

    My working conditions are very flexible. People often work remotely whether on the road or at home. Of course when things are busy, I’ve found myself at home sitting in front of my computer still working at 10:00 at night! But still……as long as you do your job, and you do it well, there is a lot of flexibility here.

  6. What do you think your employer looks for in its staff?

    As I said before, SeeSaw wants us all to think and grow as individuals and as a company. I work with some brilliantly smart people here and having a brain – that works – is what my employer really wants.

  7. What suggestions do you have for your company?

    I think my company is doing pretty good. We are all still growing and evolving in the market place but are on the right track.
  8. Do you have any frustrations you would like to share with us?

    I really only have one frustration at the moment and that is that it is way too hot in San Francisco at the moment! ☺ I like the fog and WHERE IS IT? 🙂 It’s 90 degrees right now! Yuck!

  9. What do you like best about your job?

    What I love the best is that every day is different. There’s always a lot going on, so it’s not just doing the same task day in and day out. That would drive me insane. It’s energetic here and with so many things going on at the same time, I’m always having to think on my feet and manage multiple things at the same time. That’s fun to me.

  10. How open is your company to new ideas and suggestions?

    SeeSaw is very open to ideas and suggestions. You never know where the next brilliant idea is going to come from and my bosses all know and respect that.

  11. How much responsibility have you been given?

    I have a lot of responsibility here. I basically have to manage multiple advertising campaigns with multiple networks all at the same time. It’s my responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly, reports are out to clients and everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing!

  12. How green are you and your company?

    Considering that many people work remotely here and everything is done online, I’d say we are pretty green.

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