Remote Media Tout “Complete Digital Signage Solution”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Interesting press release from Remote Media yesterday touting “The Complete Digital Signage Solution”

The Samsung relationship we knew about, 3G from vodafone makes sense but very interesting relationships being built with the likes of Harp and Vogel’s whom not many people will know.

Very clever

See for more details

September 12th, 2008

One of the biggest challenges of implementing a Digital Signage Network (DSN) is the convoluted supply chain with many common questions being asked; where do I get the software? where do I get the hardware? what about installation? network comms etc…?

Once you have added the total project costs together from the various suppliers the resulting costs are often blown out of proportion and exceed budget expectations as each suppliers services are marked up and marked up again!

Because of this Remote Media are partnering with industry leaders that include Samsung, Harp, Vodafone and Vogel’s to provide the complete digital signage solution, optimised to deliver the solution you require. Further information can be downloaded from here.

The complete digital signage solution is available through our global network of Strategic Partners and the Distribution Channel.

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