Pandora’s Mobile Ads For Small Biz

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Oakland, California-based Pandora, a personalized radio service, has announced additional advertising capabilities that allow small and medium-sized businesses to enhance their local Pandora advertising campaigns with a customized mobile platform presence.

The expansion of Pandora’s mobile advertising capabilities for SMBs complements current web-based advertising options, allowing local and regional businesses to directly reach and connect with local consumers across multiple platforms.

Client campaigns on mobile have both an audio and visual component.

To facilitate this new SMB advertising solution, Pandora has expanded an existing partnership with AdReady, a Seattle-Washinton-based company deliverng software solutions for digital display advertising. Technology from AdReady is helping to make SMB advertising on mobile a turnkey process by offering support to build mobile banners at no additional cost to the advertiser. Now, local and regional businesses have access to an affordable, streamlined campaign implementation process to run sophisticated localized campaigns on Pandora’s mobile applications.

To support the growing roster of SMB advertisers, the Pandora SMB team size has been increased.

“Historically, up-front costs associated with running a mobile campaign made it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to advertise on mobile,” says John Trimble, chief revenue officer, Pandora. “This streamlined platform gives local and regional advertisers, from universities and banks to car dealerships and entertainment venues, the ability to implement multi-platform digital campaigns that effectively reach very large local audiences on Pandora.”

Brian Mikalis, Pandora vice-president of sales, says, “We know that display and audio advertising is working for our regional clients on the web, so we’re very excited to now offer the same advertising opportunities on our mobile platforms.”

Over half of the daily listening on Pandora is on smartphones. With over 65 million registered listeners in the US, this represents a significant local mobile audience in every market around the country.

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