The French Take Transparency Literally…

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

GROUPAMA @ 264, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré , Paris – a new concept – a totally transparent insurance ‘boutique’, powered by Carlipa.

Screen seen from the street

Screen seen from the street

With its new boutique in the fashionable rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, close to the largest FNAC in town,  GROUPAMA launches its plan to dominate the Parisian market place. With 2O further stores planned within the next 3 years, all in high-density foot traffic areas, the target for this Parisian offensive is ambitious – €80 Million turnover & 90 000 new clients within 10 years.

The brief was to design a new centre with an environment that would be inviting and welcoming, and in which it could share information, advise and take care of its clients. So whilst maintaining a friendly, local feel, it had also to demonstrate transparency & interactivity  with a more dynamic  presentation of the wide range of Groupama’s products & services to the Parisian public. The result is a minor revolution in the insurance industry – moving from an agency to a shop.

It’s not an agency, it’s a shop

The design of the new venture had to attract a busy & demanding modern urban clientele while at the same time reflecting the group’s values – responsible, understanding and local.

Research showed that the existing agency layouts are cold & impersonal and make it difficult to display the variety of products & service available, and don’t encourage dialogue. Further, a client will only visit a maximum of twice a year.

So in order to entice customers into the shop, GROUPAMA took transparency literally. The new outlet is designed like a clothes store, with a large shop front opening up the entire surface and a large screen featuring a dynamic & visual presentation, visible from the street.

Target-group – rushing and demanding …

Research show that the typical Parisian customer for banking & insurance services lives within walking distance of a shopping area, understands new technologies, is active, in a hurry & demanding. He or she expects the best service at the most competitive price, an open & personalised relationship with an advisor who understands his needs and who can offer an appropriate service.

 4 Zones for 4 activities

The new boutique has been designed in 4 zones, to be fast, friendly & discreet.

Fast: the window zone features an interactive screen, visible from the street, which enables a potential customer to identify immediately the products & services on offer.

Place your finger here....

Place your finger here....

Inside: the ‘Forum’ zone, wall displays explain the various services, and two touch-screens with simple questionnaires can be used to identify the GROUPAMA product closest to one’s needs.

...or here...

...or here...

Friendly: the ‘Lounge’ zone, in warm colours is separated from the Forum by a transparent screen to create pleasant environment for a friendly chat with an advisor.

...even the chairs are transparent...

...even the chairs are transparent...

Discreet: the ‘Confidential’ zone, has clear calm-inducing colours, more suited to more personalised discussions about banking and life-insurance.

Carlipa has considerable expertise in point-of-sale technology and has supplied the complete technological package – all hardware & software necessary to run the store.



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