SuperCoop And Coop Select Supermarkt TV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are so fast with news that we beat the translators, when we wrote “SuperCoop and Coop select Supermarkt TV by POSTV“…

POSTV in Hilversum, Netherlands – effectively Neo Advertising of course have just won an ADDITIONAL 140 supermarkets on top of the existing 70 already in Supermarkt TV

A huge win and adds to a lot of other retail specific wins that POSTV have in the region (T for Telekom, Mediamarkt etc.)

…it was from the original Dutch source!

Anyway here is the press release in English…

Deal with Coop results in national coverage for Supermarkt TV

Hilversum, 15 September, 2008 – The SuperCoop and Coop chains of supermarkets have agreed to launch Supermarket TV by POSTV in 140 stores. This agreement expands the Supermarkt TV network substantially and gives it national coverage. In collaboration with SuperCoop and Coop, POSTV will develop a tailor-made programme that inspires, informs and seduces shoppers. Through Supermarkt TV, TV Coop customers will shortly be able to view recipes, saving promotions and product information on the shop floor. Added to which, breaking news and weather forecasts will be supplied through a feed.

Supermarkt TV was launched by POSTV at the start of 2008. At that time, the company indicated its intention to quickly achieve national coverage. At present, over 70 supermarkets have been connected to POSTV, while the collaboration with SuperCoop and Coop will result in national coverage by the start of 2009. From that date, Supermarkt TV will reach over three million consumers on a weekly basis.

POSTV will handle all of Supercoop’s and Coop’s activities, acting as a one-stop-shop for Instore TV. The broadcasts will be supplied through its proprietary DSL network, while POSTV’s production department will be responsible for the production of the content.

Moreover, POSTV will handle the contacts with suppliers who wish to bring their products to the attention of customers through Supermarkt TV. The POSTV Nielsenscan will provide advertisers with access to an in-depth analysis of the impact of narrowcasting on their sales.

Finally, the company will closely collaborate with marketing research agency Vos & Jansen for communication research purposes.

“From the outset of 2009, Supermarkt TV will be broadcast in more than 200 supermarkets across the Netherlands. At the end of 2007, we already indicated our intention to pursue an aggressive expansion policy. After a little more than a year, we have managed to set up a national Supermarkt TV network”, comments Michiel Reinoud, POSTV’s Managing Director.

“Supermarkt TV is quickly growing outside of the Netherlands as well. In collaboration with the Neo Advertising Group, our parent company, we operate Europe’s largest Supermarkt TV network, spread over eight countries”.

“One of the reasons why we decided to select POSTV was the business model behind the Supermarkt TV concept. Their choice of distinctive content and the possibility of proprietary broadcasting time were also persuasive considerations for us,” comments Erik Dunk, CoopCodis’s Commercial Director. “POSTV has proven its ability to expertly handle large-scale projects, as evidenced by the more than 70 successful projects at supermarket outlets. Moreover, the company has experience abroad. And since they form part of a financially sound holding company, their business continuity is guaranteed — a very comforting thought.”


POSTV BV is part of the Neo Advertising Group. With offices in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Great Britain and Canada Nero Advertising is the fastest growing company in digital signage. With a focus on consumer electronics and supermarkets, POSTV installs, manages, maintains and exploits a growing number of Instore TV networks.

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