Twisplays For Mobile News And Tweets

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

A new LED product being offered by a small company headed by an ex-banker and his wife has become more than originally planned or expected. New York-based Twisplays is essentially a news ticker with an LED sign. But, and it’s a big But, rather than just simple one-line LED signs that display Twitter streams in order to strengthen brands and boost sales, says Joshua Persky, “We jumped to our next generation product overnight.

$299.00 : TWISPLAYS, We take Twitter out of the box!

“We had just started shipping our product and one of the great discoveries we made is that a user can essentially control Twisplays from a mobile phone, following, moderating and un-following streams on the fly. We have an app on almost every mobile phone, and it is called Twitter!”

Basically, Twisplays allows a company or event to add and moderate other people’s tweets to be displayed on its sign in real time from a mobile phone anywhere in the world!

Twisplays LED scrolling Twitter stream can be fed wirelessly via a national network, or a USB to PC connection can be used to transfer the scrolling Tweets.

“Just plug into a Windws PC and play any Twitter stream that you want,” says Persky.

There are numerous uses for the 26” x 4” Twisplays, including for trade shows, conferences, events and parties, corporate offices, retail stores, gyms, restaurants and more.

The scrolling messages can inform, entertain and liven up an event or party; display what people are saying and create interactive forums; and can generate extra income from sponsors and advertisers.

Twisplays can be installed in any chain of retail stores or department store doors in order to broadcast a brand’s or company’s Twitter stream to consumers. And they can extend the reach of the brand’s or company’s Twitter stream, creating interest for consumers to follow the Twitter stream on their cell phone and computer, in addition to influencing consumer purchasing decisions at the point-of-sale.

Twisplays can be used to draw attention, drive traffic and inform consumers of specials, promotions, discounts, coupons, contests, new products, sustainability efforts and company news. Further, sponsors can partner with corporate retail chains to strengthen brands and increase sales.

Twisplays can also be used in offices to follow what people are saying about company products – or to follow what people are saying about the competition.

The Twisplays’ owner can control the sign from his/her mobile phone – allowing customers to tweet to him/her- and moderate the displayed stream directly.

The signs cost US$299, can be placed either on a desk or shelf or wall-mounted, and can be ordered from the company’s website. While they are designed for indoor use, Persky says that ultra-brite Twisplays are being developed for use in windows, along with the wireless network product for a users’ brand extension to more locations.

Under an exclusive deal, MB Media Brokers – known for its work with the vending industry – is handling the building and shipping for Twisplays. Twisplays is also working with MediaFunnel under an informal partnership for large events, especially with the wireless network.

“We are looking for customers, partners, investors and mentors,” says Persky, one of the thousands turfed out of the banking sector in the past couple of years. Luckily, he had some technical background which he used in the development of Twisplays.

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