Brian Boakes Leaves EnQii, Joins Camvine

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Interesting, we believe that Brian Boakes, a thoroughly nice chap, well known and respected in the UK signage industry with something like 15 years experience in broadcast, media, digital signage and out of home etc has just joined Cambridge Visual Networks

“Cambridge Visual Networks!! Who the hell are they?” we hear you ask – just the same as we did!

We had never heard of Cambridge Visual Networks (often abbreviated to Camvine) but after a bit of research we can see that they are well funded – owners sold a previous business for, err a lot of money 😉 and seem to supply low-cost digital signage hardware and software – probably most similar to the folks at ONELAN.

About Camvine

Cambridge Visual Networks creates new ways of deploying and interacting with visual information. It is a highly agile privately-owned company based in Cambridge, UK. The team has an excellent track record in the creation of innovative products and has been involved in the founding of several other successful high-technology companies. For example, Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser (Camvine’s CEO), who played an active role in the development of the webcam and VNC software, was previously a founder of DisplayLink, Ndiyo and Exbiblio. Camvine creates powerful but environmentally-friendly visual communication systems which embrace the opportunities of the internet age.

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