Audi’s LED Trazzi Tower

Giuseppe Andrianò

As part of the International Light festival in Milan, where a lot of light and LED installations are shown around the city one in particular is creating a big debate.

Audi LED Tower to be built in the center of Milan in front of the Gothic CatedralThe main sponsor of the event (Audi, yes the car..) who has invested approximately EUR 600K in the event so far has a 13 meter LED tower in one of the most important places in Milan, namely the Piazza Duomo where there is of course the famous gothic cathedral.

The Trazzi Tower (from the designer Luca Trazzi), already shown at the 2009 design fair in Milan, is illuminated by solar panels and is a strategic and important part of the Audi-sponsored international exhibition of light. The event runs in Milan from 4 December 2010 to 10 January 2011.

All of the LED installations from top designers, are eco-friendly and will be located in Milan’s most prestigious squares, street and courtyards.

The deadline to start the installation WAS Sunday 21 November and the debate from citizens is 50% for and 50% against the Trazzi Tower being placed where it is planned – the issue is that of, a contemporary, religious Christmas and the timing of the LED event and positioning of this particular LED tower.

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