Mood Media’s Essence Of Guess

Geny Caloisi

Fashion brand Guess’s new flagship store in London is seducing its customers with its own scent, custom visuals and music channel, created by Mood Media Corporation. Guess has chosen to use a version of its own in-store fragrance, ‘Seduction’, with the help of Mood Media to create a sensorial shopper experience worth returning to.

Guess what that smell is?

Designed to match the music channel used in its US stores, Londoners will be treated to music tracks carefully chosen by Mood Media’s sound designers in collaboration with Guess. Mood Media has also supplied the store with a full DJ booth, which is kitted out with the latest Pioneer CDJ decks and mixer.

Content management software TeamCo, Mood Media’s own web-based visual application, is also used in-store and loaded with eye-catching content created by Mood Media’s graphic design team from a range of images provided by Guess to broadcast across a portrait video wall.

Vanessa Walmsley, SVP of Corporate Marketing at Mood Media, said “Our technology is at the cutting edge of the sensorial media market and our brand-enhancing services can help drive growth in a wide range of businesses. We are delighted with the opportunity to provide Guess with in-store media solutions and look forward to enhancing further stores with our digital signage solutions – the opportunities are endless.”

Mood Media already works with Guess throughout its European stores. A tailored audio, video and scent media channel are now essential tools to reflect the forward-looking style and brand experience across Guess stores.

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