The Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby

Dylan Jones, Jones Digital Media

I reported on this a few months ago when Clear Channel first made the announcement about their commission from the San Francisco mayor’s office to develop and build interactive bus shelters in key locations around the city and Guest Contributor, Matthew Olivieri wrote a very popular post ‘Sneak Peak Clear Channel Digital Shelters‘ two weeks ago BUT like the proverbial bus, you wait forever for one to come along and then seven more all come at once (so we checked them out this last week again).

High fives to Clear Channel for creating a very cool, compelling out of home experience that may just make waiting for the bus fun. The screens are clear and colorful with content that’s fun to engage with, and with anybody with a passing knowledge of San Francisco, the whole idea of playing for your neighborhood is a smart idea.

We could have done with a little more instructions on how to play (it took a few frustrating taps and blank looks as we figured it out) and for anybody used to the rapid response of an iPad or iPhone, the response times were a tad slow. However, the screens are built to withstand a speeding bullet as well as a San Francisco earthquake, so we can live with a little delayed gratification.

All in all, we’re on board with the Bus Stop Derby. It’s nicely executed, engaging content, good fun to play and passes the time when you’ve got bugger all else to do. What’s not to like?

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