Kinetic’s Ten Rules For DOOH

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The cynic in me says that it’s all down to the Office of Fair Trading (a non-ministerial government department established by the Fair Trading Act 1973 and often referred to by its abbreviation OFT) review of the outdoor advertising market but we seem to have been seeing a lot more useful information from the likes of Kinetic recently.

Recent publications have included:-

  • The Road to the 2012 Olympics
  • Social Pioneers
  • Implications of the VAT increase
  • Apart from one terribly shameless plug by far the most useful publication is their ‘Ten Rules for Digital OOH‘ and whilst it doesn’t contain that much new it’s well worth repeating…

    1. Consider your environment, length of exposure, and time of day, and make copy relevant to it
    2. Creative should be consumable at a glance
    3. Basic animated copy attracts more attention than static ads or full video copy
    4. Consider content sponsorship or dynamic and “as live” copy to further engage audience
    5. Combine digital OOH with mobile mechanisms for interaction and added accountability
    6. Consider the inclusion of interactive technologies e.g. gesture recognition, multi-touch or augmented reality to move communication from passive to active
    7. Buy smart: day-part and day-specific campaigns can reduce entry cost
    8. Where possible, combine digital OOH with standard OOH for maximum reach and cost efficiency
    9. Shameless plug for one of their own JVs
    10. Accountability: ensure compliance/playout guarantees are in place

    Do ‘download in full here‘ and commit to memory!

    3 Responses to “Kinetic’s Ten Rules For DOOH”

    1. Al Patrick Says:

      To be honest all bar No. 7 are standard out of home planning practice. All bar No. 7 can be applied to “special builds” and are not DOOH specifically.

      Happy to go explain – just too busy to go into detail here…

    2. J.R. Howard of A2aMEDIA Says:

      Good advice doesn’t get old, and it’s always worth hearing more than once. These easy guidelines can make the difference between more noise in the media landscape and a polished source of information. Simple relevance is key. For more information on digital signage follow us on Twitter @A2aMEDIA

    3. Ron Graham - MEDIA ON THE GO Says:

      Nice one Adrian. I am a fan of Top-10 lists. Great reminders and focus for us all. Kinetic’s list is an excellent and timely reference for DOOH. I can’t help think Al Patrick missed the point. Some of this Top-10 (and others) are pretty obvious and should be best practice for us all, yet 9 times out of 10, we still see DOOH camapigns failing on at least one or several of those practices we are supposedly so familiar with. Downloaded, printed, and pinned on my notice board – thanks.

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