Digital Signage From The Middle Ages

Giuseppe Andrianò

It’s based on Windows, but not related to Mr Gates or Mr Ballmer 🙂

As part of the LED Festival 2010 that we have mentioned previously here is a real innovative use of one of the most important monuments and reilgious pieces o Italian history.

This Cathedral has we believe become the first church in the world with the windows lit: with 68 lamps with low environmental impact, in fact, the multi-colored glass of the cathedral will shine at night.

It’s out of home, the content is little bit static and the big news shown happened two thousand and ten years ago but it’s definitively impressive.

Created with the sponsorship of Milan electric company AEM (born exactly 100 years ago) that offered the backlight system of the mosaic windows it’s one of the foundamental installation of the LED festival coordinated from the responsibile of urban decor of Milan Maurizio Cadeo.

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  1. Joe Cotugno Says:

    You might be interested in knowing that the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal has had an incredible multimedia light show for a number of years that makes the Milan Cathedral’s lit windows look like birthday candles next to a fireworks display.

    In Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica’s case, the content is NOT static, the news (show) is dynamic, and it is not only out-of-home, but engaging out-of-home at that!

    You can find more info at:

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