Valentino’s Lighthouse Collection

Geny Caloisi

Providing the most eye-catching visuals has always been a key element of fashion marketing, which is why Italian designer Valentino has recently commissioned a Lighthouse screen installation in Milan.

The 5 x 2 panel (6.4m x 0.97m) P10 i/o SMD screen has been installed in the company’s prestigious Milan showroom. While not open to the public, the venue is where all the company’s Italian resellers can see the latest products, so it has to present the garments in the best possible way.

“Valentino chose us for our worldwide coverage,” says Lighthouse sales manager Alessio Giagnoni. “This is the first installation of what will be up to 10 screens in Asia, Europe and Middle East. They chose the P10 panel because of its superior quality / price ratio and also being available with a short lead time.”

The screen was installed by Lighthouse technicians, along with a TV One scaler and LIP-HDI processor, in a space specifically designed around the P10 panel dimensions.

Content is created and edited by a collaboration of video companies Lab8 and Eltec, both based close to Milan. When approved by Valentino, videos are uploaded via the internet to the company showrooms in Milan, Rome, Paris and New York, as well as retail outlets across the globe, maintaining a consistent company presence.

“The quality of Lighthouse products is excellent,” confirms Valentino’s Luciano Manini. “The screen in Milan looks very good and there were absolutely no problems integrating it with the rest of the audio/video system.”

“Our screen is perfectly running with a Samsung vidiwall in the same showroom,” adds Alessio. “The resolution of the P10 screen is ideal for Valentino’s needs and they are extremely happy with its colour reproduction, picture uniformity and excellent reliability.”

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