#ISEUROPE – Medialine 12A74

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

NBMI-MEDIALINE based in the Netherlands caught our eye in RISE (the official magazine of ISE) which landed on our doorstep yesterday. Their MEDIALINE mPADSeries of Tablet PCs running NinJA Digital Signage Software is descrbed as a “cool killing digital signage device” which is a bizarre use of the English language to say the least!

Anyway, always interested in things new or different we will plan to take a look at their latest product on booth #12A74 (that’s in Hall 12).

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  1. Fred Maas Says:

    Judging by previous performance in the DS space, the prices are always competitive from this company. But and it’s a big but, service-support are lousy to the point of being useless. Avoid at all costs.

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