BroadSign Retreats From Asia

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are surprised that Broadsign have not issued any press releases regarding their investor troubles – there are going to be a lot of nervous (existing) customers around and some (not so many) potential customers rethinking their strategy until this all settles down or goes away.

News came to us late on Monday also that Broadsign may well be retreating from Asia – getting rid of the US guy they have who covers the region and deciding not to attempt any more business in the area.

BroadSign may also have to put on hold its recruitment of a Northern European Sales Manager – it’s obviously too far for their (other) European Sales Manager to get to Northern Europe from Madeira.

2 Responses to “BroadSign Retreats From Asia”

  1. EU Says:

    Oh yeah.. Keep the Broadsign investigative posts coming. Thanks.

  2. Jeff Dickey Says:

    I have to admit I find it humorous that you managed to connect all these dots without any information beyond their decision to put China on hold. This reminds me of what my wife and I tend to do when we walk around the neighborhood. Within minutes of seeing a “For Sale” sign, an unkept lawn or a car that had an accident, we concoct entire scenarios about the people, the circumstances, the underlying issues, the “what-ifs” and whatever else our imagination comes up with. And, in no case have we been even close to right.

    I suspect the reason that they withdrew from China is that if you are going to “go to China”, you have to commit enormous resources and, until you are ready to do that, you simply go fishing to see what might bite without a whole lot of work. When intelligence is gathered you make a decision to fish or cut bait. They cut bait. This is good just good business.

    Our experience with Broadsign is that they are smart, professional and good business people and this looks like what smart, professional and good business people would do. Trying to introduce all kinds to speculative, unfounded and unwarranted commentary into this is total nonsense.

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