#NRF11 – Christie Digital Signage Solutions Services

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Christie Digital chose #NRF to introduce its Digital Signage Solutions services to the US market. A new service which include post-installation remote management, monitoring and control of all digital displays.

A bit like a virtual IT department, Christie’s 24/7 managed services will watch over display systems to ensure the maximum performance with the minimum downtime – its Network Operations Systems immediately recognizes any mechanical problem and solves it or sends a technician to repair it.

Sean James, vice president, Managed Services, Christie told us “Retailers know their messaging and want partners who can translate their visions into impactful displays that support in-store marketing strategies, increase dwell time and engage shoppers,”

He added “We create exciting, in-store experiences that make customers stop, shop and play. And by offering speciality installations from design through deployment and into post-deployment monitoring and maintenance, Christie offers retailers the end-to-end solutions they need to stand apart in a competitive world.”

On booth #2739 Christie showcases a ‘shop and play’ interactive display, featuring Christie MicroTiles in a unique configuration complete with sound, that allows customers to select different product configurations interactively, spinning and rotating them for better views, and even downloading the images to their mobile devices should they desire.

“Christie’s digital video displays have been used by some of the world’s most discerning retailers and marketers including Harrods, Versace and the Miami Dolphins,” said James. “Retailers need an instant way to connect with customers and influence shopping decisions at the point of purchase, where the majority of sales are made. Our goal is to deliver the “wow” factor that ultimately engages customers, while providing back-end support to ensure that displays are always running and driving revenue for our clients.”

Also at #NRF was their ‘Virtual Shelf’ – a multimedia application which combines Christie MicroTiles display technology, interactive and mobile applications to support new innovative in-store marketing strategies. Retailers can significantly add value to the in-store experience from a visual and architectural perspective, while optimizing inventory management with a mix of real and virtual products on display.

2 Responses to “#NRF11 – Christie Digital Signage Solutions Services”

  1. Ezturin Says:

    What a non professional job you are making Adrian, one gets the feeling one must advertise with you to get a word of coverage. How come no coverage on the splash YCD Multimedia made at the NRF? Not only that, one searches the site and nada! Shame on you – and how transparent.
    Now- will you have the guts to keep this comment?!

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    As I wrote last Monday “For those of you heading off to #NRF in NYC enjoy and remember to send us your pictures!” see http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/39518

    Did you or any of your team send me or any of my editorial staff or contributors any pictures of your bit of a stand you shared with HP ?

    We (and Christie themselves) make NO secret of our (ongoing) work for the past three years with Christie Digital (yes we are that ‘transparent’). They sent us a press release and their employees actually bothered to send us pics of the stand on the day.

    A USD 400M turnover business launching a digital signage solutions business in the US is significant to warrant coverage either way we think.

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